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User Guide

CSRtool user documentation

  • Start-up
  • Configuration
    • datafile
      client accepting
      server address
  • User client
    • searching extractors
      viewing results
      booking a extractor
  • Database server

  • Start-up

    The application can be started in three modes, selectable through these command line parameters
    mode parameter
    Server mode server
    Stand-alone mode alone
    Client mode no parameter!


    The supplied settings will be stored in a settings file called suncertified.properties located in the applications current working directory.
    Whenever the settings file cannot be loaded, the default values will be used and the application will try to continue normally.
    To run the application with different settings, the application must be restarted.


    When starting the application in stand-alone or server mode the filename of the datafile must be specified.
    The default filename is db-2x2.db however this is only valid if the file is present in the current working directory.
    To be able to access the file from anywhere, supply a fully qualified path name like /home/arno/SCJD/db-2x2.db or c:\documents\arno\SCJD\db-2x2.db.
    If the file can not be loaded, the application will terminate with errorlevel 36
    The supplied setting will be the same in server and stand-alone mode.

    client accepting

    When starting the application in server mode the number of the port on which the server should accept cients must be specified.
    The default port number is 3688 any port number can be chosen on which the application can open a server socket.
    If the socket can not be opened, the appliction will terminate with errorlevel 88. Check the firewall settings.
    The supplied setting will also be the default setting when configurating the port number on which the client should connct to the server. (below)

    server address

    When starting the application in client mode the address and port number on which to connect to the server must be specified.
    The default server address is but this could also be any other ip address or hostname.
    The default port number is the value which was last saved here or as the server's port number. (above)
    If the server can not be reached, the application will terminate with errorlevel 88.
    As the client connects to the server on the same port number as which the server connects to the client, this setting is shared betweent the two.

    User client

    The application's user interface has been kept to a bare minimum to avoid any possible confusion about its functionality.
    The search panel is at the top of the window.
    The center is fully occupied by the table showing the search results.
    The book panel is at the bottom of the window.
    The user interface can be closed by the platform dependant window closing operation.
    Various pop-ups can be shown if certain errors occur. Unless the error message clearly states how to solve the problem, the application should probably be restarted.
    The extractors menu has create and delete options which have not yet been implemented!

    searching extractors

    The search panel allows the user to search the data.
    The name and/or location fields of the resulting records will match the name and location specified in the appropriate textfields.
    The specified fields must match the fields in the database records exactly.
    If either name or location was not specified, all records matching only the specified field will be the result.
    If both fields are omitted, all records in the database will be displayed in the table below.

    viewing results

    The table shows the search results.
    Each column represents a field in the database and can be resized or rearranged as desired.
    If there are more results than can be displayed in a single window, a scrollbar will appear on the right-hand side of the table allowing the user to scroll through the data.
    When the user clicks on a record it will become selected, allowing it to be booked.

    booking a extractor

    The user may only book extractors which are not yet booked!
    Enter no more than 8 digits in the textfield on the bookpanel to book a extractor.
    In client/server mode it is possible that a extractor was booked by another client after the gui (of this client) was last updated.
    Before booking a extractor, the application reloads the data and displays a popup if the extractor was already booked.

    Database server

    The serverframe shows which client have (dis)connected and which requests they have sent.
    Any errors generated by clients are also displayed here.
    The thread that generated the log message can be identified by the address of the client handled by that thread.
    If several clients are connected from the same address, these can not be distinguished.
    All log messages are appended to the top of the textarea and the user can scroll through the list if there are more than can be displayed in a single window.
    The server can be closed by the platform dependant window closing operation.
    It is recommended to keep this window minimized during normal operation!

    CSRtool was made by Arno den Hond.
    Arno den Hond,
    Mar 13, 2009, 6:21 AM
    Arno den Hond,
    Mar 13, 2009, 6:21 AM
    Arno den Hond,
    Mar 13, 2009, 6:22 AM
    Arno den Hond,
    Mar 13, 2009, 6:21 AM
    Arno den Hond,
    Mar 13, 2009, 6:22 AM