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TaalGids is a J2ME application which runs on the midp1.0 api but requires mobile media api for playing sounds.
The main screen is a treemenu with two levels.
When selecting a leaf, a screen a shown containing a number of dutch words or phrases and the spanish translation of the selected word or phrase.
If audio is included a pronounciation sample can be played.
A word or phrase can be bookmarked.
Bookmarks can be found from the main screen.
A search screen can also be found from the main screen.
To allow T9 input this has been implemented as a standard LCDUI screen.
Search results are presented in a screen similar to normal content and bookmarks.

TaalGids was developed for and
As I dont own the images and textfile these have been mutilated intentionally.
Arno den Hond,
Apr 2, 2009, 12:08 PM