20:50 31-8-2002
Welcome to Arno's Ass!

why ASS?

  • often information is stored on small pieces of paper burrried in ones wallet. a wallet is usually placed in a hind pocket of ones pants. this information is then stored 'in the ass'. storing information in this way often results in it getting cluttered or lost. this program is designed to store and find information better.
  • it uses Arno's Associative Suggestion Search (c) technology!

this is how it works:

  • a keyword is a word which describes one or more datas
  • a data is XML content which is described by one or more keywords

to search the database one or more keywords must be selected from the list of all keywords already in the database

there are 2 kinds of results:

  • data results, a list of datas described by one or more oof the search-keywords.
  • suggestion keyword results, a list of all the keywords ddescribing the datas which are described by one or more of the search-keywords.
the search-keywords are excluded so only the other keywords describing the datas described by the search-keywords remain.

sorting results:

data results are sorted by the amount of keywords that they are described by that are in the search-list
suggestion keywords can be sorted in 2 ways
  • total: the score of a keyword is calculated by adding thhe data score of every data which is described by this suggestion-keyword
  • average: the score of a keyword is calculated by dividinng the total score by the amount of datas described by at least one search-keyword and this suggestion-keyword. thus generating a more associative result.

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